Multiple questions 200 words required for each

1). Define project process and how organizations benefit from adopting those processes oriented toward customer satisfaction


You are required to respond to the assignment question posted above with no less than 200 words.To support your response you are required to provide at least one supporting reference with proper citation.

2)Assignment 2:  How do you Gather requirements for a project?

3)Assignment 3:  How do you Monitor and control the risks?

4)Please answer all questions, one page per question, 20 points each answer

1. Provide examples of projects, and understand different types of projects pertaining to various industries

2. Describe various tools that are available for project managers

3. How do you gather requirements for a project?

4. How do you prepare and write a project scope?

5. How do you monitor and control the risks ?

5)How would you identify slack in projects?

6)Define cost of quality

7)How would you identify and measure cost variances and earned value management?

8)Why is knowledge management in projects important?

9)There are 5 questions, each one is worth 20 points. Best of Luck! Please make sure each answer is at least 100-150 words.

1. How do you measure project value, project performance, and project scope?

2.How do you identify slack in projects and why is it important?

3. How do you identify and measure cost variances and earned value management?

4. Why is knowledge management in projects important?

5. Why is people management important in projects and how would you perform it?

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