Models (bion or tuckman) | Human Resource Management homework help

 After completing the required reading for this week and reviewing the lesson, also view this short video:   Group Dynamics

For this forum please consider the following:

All of us have been assigned on a team in order to discuss and solve a problem of some kind.     State which type of team (based on Table 2.2 in our chapter reading) you were on (project, work, matrix, parallel, etc.) and explain why it is that type.  Think about a time when you were in this team situation and discuss the stages your team progressed through.  Use either Bion’s four possible pitfalls that need to be worked through in groups and teams or use the Tuckman model which outlines stages we move through during team change.  Apply one of these models to your personal example and explain when each pitfall or stage occurred.  Finally, discuss the positive or negative outcome of your team. 

Post your initial post by Thursday, 11:59 EST.  Post at least two other comments to other students by Sunday, 11:59 EST.  All posts should be written in essay format.

Posts are subject to review in TURNITIN.

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words (not including repeating the question). Please respond to two other students.  See the rubric (in announcements) for grading guidelines. Responses should be a minimum of 100 words.  Remember to go back through your thread at the end of the week to ensure you answered any questions that may have been asked of you.

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