Mba expert you must have read and understand the book the world is

When you answer please give insights of the books so I can select the most informed professional. I will remove from my list any person fills my inbox with delusions not directly related to this job 


In order to carry out this assignment, students must carefully read Thomas Friedman’s book, The World Is Flat.


The professor is clear on his course requirement “ Any responses that fail to address Friedman’s arguments  will be given a score of zero. The objective of this assignment is for you to demonstrate mastery of the material.” The course is not handled in a broad, wide-ranging fashion. Rather, it is built around these three books that have had substantial impact on business thinking. Consequently, it is not a fact-driven course (where students spend substantial energy learning facts about a topic). Rather, it is designed to have students demonstrate their ability to apply their understanding of business practices to articulate insights into what it takes to manage enterprises effectively. In addition, it entails carrying out research to supplement the arguments and commentary students make in their papers.”

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