Managing Accounting And Financial Information


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Scenario Information

BeGood Baking Supply is a small bakery supply company formed as a  closely held corporation. The company supplies raw baking materials,  paper goods, and equipment to restaurants and bakeries in 3 states in  the upper mid-west. Most of its business however, is located in a large  metropolitan area. BeGood wants to increase its presence in the region  and serve 5 states. In fact, the owners of BeGood would like 75% of  their business to come from throughout the region rather than the  current metropolitan area. In order to do this the owners understand  they must diversify offerings and lines of business.

Currently, BeGood has a phone center where customer orders are taken;  these orders are then sent to shipping where the order is filled in its  large warehouse and shipped within 4 days. Be Good outsources its  shipping to a local trucking company. Once the order ships, all  paperwork goes to the accounting department where it is entered into the  accounting system. BeGood still uses the same accounting system it has  used since the inception of the company. All aging of receivables and  other analysis is done using Excel spreadsheets. Purchasing and tracking  of inventory are done solely by the warehouse manager. Invoices for  inventory purchasing are sent to the accounting department when goods  are received.

The owners at Be Good are wondering how they can utilize an online  presence and further automate its systems in order to facilitate its  growth and diversify its business. The owners may also like to expand  into the retail business.

You have been hired as a full-time staff accountant at BeGood Baking  Supply and have been given the task of evaluating and recommending a  viable accounting information system for the accounting and financial  data of BeGood in order to facilitate expansion and diversification. As  you begin your research, you realize that many departments are involved  in the information system, and communication is key.


You are now ready to address the specifics of the new AIS at BeGood.  As part of your research, document the following, which would become  part of your final presentation to management, if you were carrying the  project through to the end. Your documentation can be in the form of  tables, SmartArt, PowerPoint, Word, or Excel. Use what best works for  the documentation you are creating: Identify the tables that you would need to create a working database for the company’s receivables, payables, and inventory. Create relationships for your various tables and databases. For  instance, how does the A/P database interface with the Inventory  Database? Document your work providing a databases diagram (schema). Documenting an organization’s AIS would become part of a larger  scale user manual for the accounting and information technology teams to  use for reference and to assist the audit team with understanding how  the organization’s systems work together. Write the appropriate policies  and procedures that arise from the tasks above that would be included  in this type of user manual. Your information should also address the  security of the systems involved.