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1. Reaction paper ,  Please  read Fences, Act I, Scenes 1&2

Complete the following chart for Act I (Scenes 1-2). For each of the boxes, find a quote or example that reveals something important about Troy, give the location of each example, and then explain what you believe it shows about Troy. After completing the chart, write 1-2 paragraphs describing and analyzing Troy, and what you believe August Wilson is saying through his portrayal of Troy. Please see attached doc”Reaction Paper”(word doc.)

DUE FOR REACTION PAPER – 04/29/2020 (Wen)

2. Discussion.  Please  Read “Characterization of Fences”  and Fences, Act I, Scenes 1&2. (see the attached documents two PDF doc.)

Read the notes, “Characterization  in Fences,” and the opening lines of the play below. Explain the  characterization used in these opening lines , what important qualities  are revealed about the two characters discussed, Troy and Bono, and  their relationship dynamics.

” It is 1957. Troy and Bono enter the yard, engaged in  conversation. Troy is fifty-three years old and a large man with thinck,  heavy hands: it is this largeness that he strives to fill out and make  an accommodation with. Together with his blackness, his largeness  informs his sensibilities and the choices he has made in his life. 

Of the two men, Bono is obviously the follower. His commitment to  their friendship of thirty-odd years is rooted in his admiration of  Troy’s honesty, capacity for hard work, and his strength, which  Bono seeks to emulate.

It is Friday night, payday, and the one night of the week the two  men engage in a ritual of talk and drink. Troy is usually the most  talkative and at times he can be crude and almost vulgar, though he is  capable of rising to profound heights of expression. The men carry lunch  buckets and wear or carry burlap aprons and are dressed in  clothes suitable to their jobs as garbage collectors.”

Please write 1 full paragraph. 


3. Please answer on other student discussion with 1-2 sentences as my response. Thank you.  


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