Ip 4 and 5 | Marketing homework help

 IP 4

Visit the MKT660 Library Research Guide http://careered.libguides.com/university_AIUOnline/Marketing

Review pages 40 through 52 and find 3 companies, one of which must be non-US-based, with operations in more than one country, or region of the world. Using articles from the library’s full-text databases and the companies’ Web sites, prepare an analysis of the companies and their multinational marketing strategies. Your analysis should include:

  • Brief company profile
  • Scope of operations (e.g., manufacturing, research & development, sales office and/or service representation)
  • Marketing strategy for each of the countries/regions in which it operates
  • Differences among the company’s marketing strategies per country/region (e.g., how differences in cultural values affect product development)
  • Similarities among the company’s marketing strategies per country/region (e.g., they may use local advertising agencies to produce their advertising campaigns)

IP 5

Research articles on the two companies linked below. Use the companies’ Web sites and the Library’s full-text databases to perform this research. Use this information to answer the questions below.

The two companies you must research are linked here:

Answer the following questions:

  1. Provide a summary of their product development strategy.
  2. How does Airbus’ strategy compare with Boeing’s?
  3. Who else is competing for the high-speed jet liner?
  4. How can Airbus spread some of the risks inherent in their ventures?

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