International 19532413


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1. What problems can gray or counterfeit markets pose for companies?

2. What are the benefits of a centralized marketing organization? When might a company prefer to make decentralized marketing decisions? List the advantages of a global-brand strategy. Discuss the advantages of a multi-brand strategy.

3. Describe three distribution strategies that companies can use when entering a new market. What challenges do companies face when distributing products internationally? What are the distribution challenges in emerging markets? When making a sourcing decision, would you choose sole-source or multisource? Why? What are the advantages of global sourcing?

4. Why do countries have different accounting standards? What are the advantages of a single set of international accounting standards? Why are some governments reluctant to follow IFRS? What are some ways that companies can reduce the currency risk that they face? Explain the difference between forward exchange rate and the internal forward rate.