Incorporation team draft project topic (complete/incomplete)


Select a business to incorporate in the jurisdiction of your choice (for example, the states of Massachusetts or Delaware in the U.S., the United Kingdom, China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, or any other country your team chooses), and describe the specific process needed to bring the concept to legal reality: jurisdiction, requirements, fees, residency requirements, timetable, naming, licensing, and every other specific detail you judge relevant. Be as specific as possible, and identify all sources of information. Include three case study businesses incorporated in the chosen jurisdiction. Each team should choose a different jurisdiction.


  1. Present your findings to your colleagues in an approximately 15 minute presentation, accompanied by slides using the software of your choice (Google Slides, Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote, or whatever you prefer), with an additional five minutes for questions and answers: 20 minutes total. You can include short clips of interviews you conducted or other relevant video material not be longer than about 30 seconds to one minute each.
  2. Upload your presentation here.

Here is a sample way to divide individual research requirements (you can choose some or all of these subjects for individual team members to focus on):

  • History of incorporation in your jurisdiction (for example, how long have corporations existed in this jurisdiction)
  • Requirements for incorporators (for example, is a local partner required)
  • Types of corporations that can be created (for example, for-profit and non-profit)
  • Fees and specific requirements (for example, precisely what materials need to be filed, where, and on what timetable)
  • Rights and obligations of corporations in your jurisdiction: what special legal privileges, if any, do corporations have in the jurisdiction you chose compared to other locations (for example, in some locations, such as the British Virgin Islands, some corporations do not have to pay taxes), and what special obligations, or duties, do corporations have (for example, in Massachusetts non-profit corporations such as a educational institutions, hospitals, and religious organizations, must serve a public purpose).
  • Major legal risk factors.
  • An example, or multiple examples, of corporations in your chosen jurisdiction to illustrate your general points.

Requirements and Grading:

  • Each student must complete some specific research, and play an active role in the team presentation.
  • All information should be correctly cited in APA format on the slide where it is presented or in a list of references at the end of the presentation.
  • Teams will be graded collectively for their work: there is no need to identify the specific contributions of individual team-members. 

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