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Write an incident report about one of the following problems. Assume that it has happened to you. Supply relevant details and visuals in your report. Identify the audience for whom you are writing and the agency you are representing or trying to reach. (Only choose one thing to write your report)

  1. After hydroplaning, your company car hits a tree and has a damaged front fender.
  2. You have been the victim of an electrical shock because an electrical tool was not grounded.
  3. You twist your back lifting a bulky package in the office or plant.
  4. A virus has infected your company’s intranet, and it will have to be shut down for 12 hours to debug it.
  5. The crane (or other piece of equipment) you are operating breaks down, and you lose a half-day’s work.
  6. The vendor has been unable to repair the corrupted software on your computer, and you cannot complete a job without buying a more expensive software package.
  7. An electrical storm knocked out your computer; you lost 1,000 mailing label  addresses and will have to hire additional help to complete a mandatory mailing  by the end of the week.
  8. A scammer has stolen some sensitive files (documents) about a new product your company hoped to launch next month.
  9. An irate customer threatens one of your sales staff, but there was no physical violence, though the daily routine of your business was disrupted and several other customers walked out.
  10. After attending a trade show for your company, you find out that you have been a victim of identity theft, and that your company-issued credit card has been compromised.

Please read page 584 to page 587. Note the guidance to “Identify the audience for whom you are writing and the agency you are representing or trying to reach.” Of the 9 possible scenarios in the exercise, some will involve internal communication and some will involve external communication situations. Your report should be fully formatted as the appropriate type of document for the scenario you are responding to.

And these online resources:

EHS Safety News, How to Write a Good Accident or Incident Report

Firebelle Productions, Writing Effective Incident Reports

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