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This assignment will help you digest the textbook material.  In the Discussion Forum, post an APA formatted paper of at least 600-words about the week’s reading material.  The post must be substantive and demonstrate insight gained from the course material. What is your understanding of the material covered?   Also, address in your own words: 

Chapter Six

Summarize the different theories explaining trade flows between nations.

Explain the arguments of those who maintain that the government can play a proactive role in promoting national competitive advantage in certain industries.

Explain the important implications that international trade theory holds for management practice. 

Chapter Seven

Understand why governments sometimes intervene in international trade.

Describe the development of the world trading system and the current trade issue.

Explain the implications for managers of developments in the world trading system.


“Text Book Reference:  Hill, C. W. L., and Hult, G. T.  M. (2020).  Global Business Today (11th ed.).  New York, NY: McGraw Hill.”

APA Format only  – The only text on the title page is the paper’s title, your name, and the university, in that order, centered in the upper half of the page; and ONLY double-spaced.  On your level-1 headings – center them with mixed case and no period. 

Reference formatting– see this link for assistance: