Human resourse – management and employee relations


Part 2 – Future Learning Plan (Max 600 words )

1. What else do I need to learn about this subject myself? Identify and list what issues, subjects, concepts, skills you need to research and develop to learn more about this subject.

2. What else would I have done if I had time to learn a skill, concept, knowledge, etc.? Find 10 reliable, credible, and scholarly resources on dilemmas in employee relations management and using these resources find topics that go beyond what we have studied in class (provide 5 topics beyond what we have studied)

3. Out of all the areas identified in point 2 for future development pick one and learn about it outside of class on your own. Explain how you have learned about this topic and provide evidence of that learning (reading, watching, talking to experts or other persons, taking a course, watching DVDs, writing, etc.). also outline why you picked this topic in particular?

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