Human ecology | Human Ecology SCI-120 SC-OL01 | Saint Leo University


 The topic for this Research Paper Is; Water Scarcity (Human Ecology)

The research paper must be a minimum of Total Five full pages, 12-point font, double spaced, APA format with a separate cover page and reference page.

The following must be covered in the paper:

  • Give a complete explanation of why your topic is a human ecology issue and assess different points of view, assumptions, and/or arguments regarding your topic.
  • Describe the issue in terms of its effect on the interrelationship of the physical, biological, and ecological systems.
  • Describe the impacts on the environment resulting from human decisions related to this issue.(Criteria needed to complete research paper): Analyze physical, biological ecological systems band their interrelationship as it relates to the human ecology, describe the impacts on the environmental system resulting from the human decision in the response to the human ecology, assess the different points of view, assumptions ,and /or arguments regarding the human ecology, Rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation are followed. sentence well constructed, complete, clear and concise

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