How is the nursing process used in developing health education?

  5 DQ 1

Health education as define by Falkner as “any combination of learning experiences design to help individuals and community improving their life health by increasing their knowledge and influencing their attitudes (WHO cited by Falkner, 2018). Based on this perspective the nurse educator has open doors to many ways of teaching the patient to make them understand the material in discussion. Therefore, the nursing process is one of the core nursing tools to help the patient out. Thus, the nursing process is used is also used the way as usual by assessing the patient first, formulating the nursing diagnosis related to the patient needs to be educated then elaborating a plan of action followed by the actual education regarding the patient needs.

Falkner, A. (2018). Health promotion: Health & wellness across the continuum.

Retrieved from

Respond in discussion using 200-300 words APA format supporting the post with a reference

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