Honeypots for ethical hackers | Computer Science homework help

Discuss  any aspect of “honeypots” and share your views on the value of such  honeypots for ethical hackers, or how as a security professional you can  protect yourself against providing such honeypots for exploitation. At least 2 to 3 paragraph. 

Response to the Class Post.

Class Post:


Honeypots  are designed to protect computer systems from hackers, spammers and  automated attacks, such as many viruses, Trojans and worms. In essence,  these are computers and networks loaded with very tempting files for the  hackers, who deliberately expose themselves to being attacked.

The  advantages offered by honeypots are that they can prevent attacks of all  kinds. Being a real system, it contains all the known and unknown  software faults that any other system can contain. If an attacker tries  to take advantage of an unknown fault, it will be the interaction with  the machine itself, to try to exploit the fault, which will alert the  problem and help discover this new failure. The advantage of the  honeypot is that, whether the attack is new or not, the attack attempt  will alert the administrator, and this will allow them to be alert as  soon as possible of the potential danger.

I think  that a honeypot is a great ally to defend your network, although the  concept is to attract attacks, the best tactic to defend is to know how  the enemy acts and what better to put a bait which will not pose a risk  to our network, and it will help us to know how the attack affects and  in what way.

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