Homework Fraud Case 250 Words


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I need your help for writing about the below subject in 200~250 word  not including the references 

The topic as below:

Identify a case of corporate fraud by finding a current event or by researching historical cases. After finding a case, complete the following in your initial discussion post:

-Briefly summarize the case, including what happened, who was involved, and what damages were incurred.

-Note how the fraud was detected and discuss any red flags that appeared prior to detection.

-Could an accounting and finance system have helped deter this fraud? If yes, how? If no, why not?

-Are there any specific business policies and procedures that could have been in place that would have prevented the fraud from occurring? Explain.


-APA style should be used

-two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles references 

Recommended References:  Aslam, B., & Karjaluoto, H. (2017). Digital advertising around paid spaces, E-advertising industry’s revenue engine: A review and research agenda. Telematics and Informatics, 34(8), 1650-1662. Gunarathne, P., Rui, H., & Seidmann, A. (2018). When social media delivers customer service: Differential customer treatment in the airline industry. MIS Quarterly, 42(2), 489-A10.