Home work #2 | Computer Science homework help

University of Maryland University College

Spring 2016

Homework #2



Put your name in the homework.

You should submit your exam to your assignment folder in LEO in a Word or PDF
Please scan your file against viruses before submitting

Be as clear and objective as you can in all questions and be sure you are answering what is asked

Justify all your numerical answers and answer all the questions using your own words
Show all your work, including how you found your answer (this is very important and essential to have your answer graded appropriately!)




(Your name)



There are 5 questions:


#1 (For Chapter 3)

Alamo Foods of San Antonio wants to introduce a new computer system for its perishable products warehouse. The costs and benefits are as follows:



a) Given a discount rate of 9 percent (.09), perform present value analysis on the data forAlamo Foods. (Hint: Use the formula 1/ (1 + i)n to find the multipliers for years 1 to 6.)

b) What is your recommendation for Alamo Foods?


#2 (For Chapter 13)

a) Modify the ERD shown in Figure 13.2(page 381) to resolve its many-to-many relationship problem

b) List primary keys for all tables (entities) of the modified ERD


#3 (For Chapter 13)

a) List primary keys for three tables of the ordering system shown in Figure 13.24
(page 381) and then draw its E-R diagram

b) List primary keys for all tables of the ordering system shown in the top part of 
Figure 13.26 (page 386)


#4 (For Chapter 14 and Chapter 15)

a) Read the Consulting Opportunity 14.2 (p. 408) and respond to its questions

b) Michael, who is a restaurant owner, wants to be able to receive clear feedback on the systems used to manage his restaurants

i. Design a display that provides appropriate feedback for a user whose command cannot be executed

ii. Design a Web-based display that shows an acceptable way to tell Michael that input to his system was accepted

c) List the best data entry method and your reason for choosing it for each of the twosituations listed below:

i. Turnaround document for a utility company that wants notification of a change in the customer address

ii. Online purchase of a CD by a consumer with a credit card


#5  (Microsoft Project) Work on project files in Chapters 9, 10, 11, & 12 of Microsoft Project 2013 Step-by-Step and submit the following completed project files: [20 points]

a) Advanced Tasks.mpp

b) Fine Tuning Tasks.mpp

c) Advanced Resources.mpp

d) Advanced Assignments.mpp

e) Advanced Plan.mpp



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