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Elements of this assignment:

1. Video or audio of the song. Embed the music video or song into your post (instructions below). If you found a really good song but can’t find a music video or audio file to include, it’s okay to just include the lyrics, though you do need to indicate this is why the video/audio file isn’t included in your post.

2. Include the lyrics in your post.

3. Write up a short analysis. Minimum: 250 words. You need not analyze every line of the song, though some partial analysis of the lyrics is helpful as part of your larger analysis. Rather, use the questions below to help you think through your analysis your song. You don’t have to answer every question, but rather use these questions to guide your analysis. Your analysis should be written in paragraph forum (and not as an answer to each individual question). At minimum, make sure to say when the song was released and put it in its historical context re: women’s history. 
Questions to consider for analysis:

How does the song relate to women’s history? What themes within women’s history and/or women/gender/sexuality stand out in the song? What do the vocals and lyrics tell you about the song? What is the tempo of the song and does the tempo affect your perception of it? What instruments do you hear, and how do they make you feel? When was the song released, what’s historical context in women’s history, and how does the song relate to its particular historical moment? Can you tell who the intended audience was? Try to assess the intent of the song; do you think it’s successful? Do you have any critiques of the song? Would you feel the same way if the song was sung by somebody of a different age, race, or gender? How might someone of a different background hear the song differently? Is the song about women’s empowerment? How so? How does the music video, if there is one, help you analyze the major theme(s) in the song?

How to embed a music video from YouTube:

First copy the embed code from YouTube by clicking “share,” then “embed.” Back on Canvas, click “reply” in the Song Activity discussion topic, click “insert,” click “embed,” and then just paste the embed code. Voila! You’ve done it.

Example of an embedded video: “Pynk” by Janelle Monae

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