hidden rules of social class submission

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Questionnaire is done already please see attachment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Students will be provided a 3 part questionnaire which they must fill out. After completing each questionnaire, students must analyze the type of taken-for-granted information found in each questionnaire. Address the following questions in a 2-3 page (not including title and references) APA formatted paper:

Questionnaire: The Hidden Rules of Social Class Questionnaire.doc 

(1) What is the knowledge about?

(2) How does one learn it?

(3) How do you gain access to the people and places where it can be learned?

(4) What conclusions can you draw about the nature of the hidden knowledge necessary to be successful in each social class? 

(5) On which questionnaire did you have the most check marks? On which did you have the least? 

(6) How do you account for your reaction in sociological terms (refer to chapter 6)? 

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