Here are the summary statistics for the olympic long jumps and high

Here are the summary statistics for the Olympic long jumps and high jumps displayed in Summer 2004. Event Long Jump Mean 316.04 StdDev 20.85 High jump Mean 83.85 and StdDev 7.46 Correlation= 0.925 (a) Write the linear regression equation for estimating High jump from Long jump. [Hint: s Use y=b0+b1x,where b1 =r___!_ and b0 = y-b1x .] sx (b) Explain the meaning of the slope of the line. (c) In a year when the long jump is 3 50 inches, what high jump would you predict? (d) What does it mean if the residual is positive [Hint: Residual= Data- Model, or, e = y-y.] ,

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