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Take these comment from the professor and use them to discuss the steps you plan on taking to revise your critical analysis essay and explain how you will approach that process this week.  

Your initial post should be three fully developed paragraphs (5-8 sentences each).

Generally avoid quoting in an introduction.

Points were lost in this rubric area because the claim is not a critical analytical claim. Simply agreeing with the author is not enough. Is the author effective in proving the message of the essay? How? Answering these questions will put you on the right track for the thesis.

Good start. Continue to work on transitioning to smooth out the paragraphs. Check out the following resource that describes effective transitions: 

A basic way of putting it is this: begin the NEW body paragraph where the last one let off. Link the ideas between the paragraphs.

  The paragraphs present a good balance between evidence and analysis. Typically, I advise students to have at least two lines of analysis for each line of quote. You more that meet that standard.   Still, it’s useful to think about how to use the quotes. I suggest following this example here:  

Note how to prepare the reader for the quote, then quote, then explain the quote and finally connect it to the larger point you want to establish in this paragraph or even the essay at large. In-text citing is used throughout, too. This website uses MLA–but you can modify for APA if you so needed. 

Good start reviewing some of the important areas such as the author’s message, how it was conveyed, who the audience was, and so forth. Basically, those ideas from the writing plan should really come into this paragraph (5th paragraph overall). To bring the conclusion to an exemplary level, try to address your specific audience, the objection(s) it might have, and why this article should matter to it.

  In this last section of the paper, which you did well to begin, think about a personal reflection. For instance, if you are going into a certain field, how are the skills you learned or honed in writing this essay necessary? Be specific!  

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