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What obligations do you have to the various people in your life? Are your obligations to family different than your obligations to friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc? This paper gives you an opportunity to synthesize that you have learned throughout the semester. To that end, you should pull together what you have learned throughout the semester to compose your own moral theory of obligation, drawing from the various theories and principles we have studied in the course to help build your theory. Be as clear and detailed as you can, giving arguments to support your statements. Make sure to acknowledge and respond to potential counterarguments to your view, as well. Your paper must be no less than 1,000 words and must make direct reference to course concepts, terminology, and/or authors.

Outside research is not necessary, and in fact you are strongly encouraged to write this paper with nothing but the course materials and your brain in hand, but if you do use external sources you must provide complete citations. Failure to cite your sources is academic misconduct and will result in a failure of the assignment (for more information, see the academic honesty section of the syllabus and the handouts on academic misconduct and proper citations). If you have any doubts about whether your paper is properly cited, I am happy to look at it for you in advance of the due date.