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  • Assignment (120 points)
  • Prompt: Submit your final research paper on the topic approved by your instructor. At a minimum, you must address the following items with respect to your selected topic:
    • Explanation of your topic, including definitions of key terms and a detailed discussion of what your topic encompasses or includes.
    • A discussion of the current laws and public policies applicable to the topic.
    • Identify and discuss emerging policy issues related to the topic, including a detailed discussion of the factors or influences that specifically impact the policy-making process related to each issue.
    • A discussion of how someone with a Christian worldview should approach your selected topic and the emerging issues.
    • A discussion of your recommended course of action for future policy-making, with respect to the emerging issues related to your topic. Be specific.
  • Requirements:
    • Your paper must be on the topic specifically approved by your instructor.
    • You should generally follow the outline approved by your instructor, although strict adherence is not required. You may make modifications you deem appropriate, provided all requirements for the paper are met.
    • 3,500 – 4,000 total words
    • Minimum 500 words Christian worldview discussion included in total words
    • APA-compliant format, including title and reference pages
    • Minimum of six scholarly references (not counting the textbook and Bible)
    • Turnitin similarity index should not exceed 20%
    • Paper will be graded in accordance with Appendix A “Grading Rubric for Final Paper


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