Film analysis | Article writing homework help

Watch the film and write an analysis. Your essay should be 3 pages, double spaced.

film link:

Divide your essay into three parts, using the following subtitles

  1. Overview. Introduce the basics details of the film. This should include: the name of the film and the director, the cultural context of the film (area of the world, time period, class/race/religious backdrop), and a brief and accurate summary of the film’s narrative structure. (Who is the main protagonist and what is her primary struggle? What is the secondary struggle/plot twist introduced during Part II of the film? How are the struggles resolved?).
  2. Analysis. Select two specific scenes in the film for analysis, applying the conceptual tools offered by at least 3 of the required chapters or articles  thus far. Describe each scene, and cite each author inside the text as well as in your references section.
  3. Conclusion. In your opinion, what is/was the potential impact and importance of this story as told by this filmmaker? What dominant narratives are being challenged (or not challenged)?

Works cited. Provide full citations for each source cited in your paper.

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