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This is your Ethics Final.  It has two parts.  The first is a Video to watch carefully, and the second part is your written responses to two questions.  Please make sure that you think carefully about your answers. Also make sure that you proof read your paper before submitting. 

Part 1:

Please watch the Video at this location (listen up to the Q&A time).  Please copy this note to your Paper, at the beginning:


Listen carefully to the Debate and see if you can use it to help you answer the questions below.

Part 2:

Please select two (2) of the options below to write on.  Each option has a “context” section to explain the nature of the question.  This is followed by the Description of how to write your response.

Please make sure to put your name on your paper in APA format, with an appropriate naming convention to the file.

Option 1:

Exam Statement and Context for reflection and writing:

According to cultural relativism, an action is morally right if one’s culture approves of it. In one culture, an action could be morally right, and in another culture, the same action could be morally wrong. From the view of objectivism, some moral principles are universal, regardless of how cultures may differ in their outlooks. On the other hand, according to absolutism, moral principles are rigid rules that have no exceptions.

Description:  guidelines on how to write your response.

Based on what we have discussed in this class, specifically the idea that humanity is created in the image of God, write about the kinds of moral human behavior that would be within each category: relativistic ethics, objectivistic ethics, and absolutism ethics? Use examples from family relationships, societal policies (local / federal policies/laws) and religious communities (traditions/Divine Law).

Your response should be several pages in length giving examples of the kinds of moral behaviors within each category.  You should write about why you believe behaviors fall into the various categories and why they are NOT within the other categories, from your point of view.

Option 2

Exam Statement and Context for reflection and writing:

Consistency between Issues

Is it possible to be against abortion on the grounds that it takes a human life, while still being for the death penalty?  Why/Why not?

Description:  guidelines on how to write your response.

First: Write a paragraph or two on what we have talked about concerning “human life.”  What is unique about “human life” that makes it different than “animal life?” 

Second: Write your answer to the question above about “abortion” and “death penalty” as either the same or different and how you might explain that to some one who differs from you.

Option 3

Exam Statement and Context for reflection and writing:

Parent-Child Relationship and Responsibility for nurture and education

Looking Good is an important topic in our society. Advertising campaigns are everywhere telling people to buy products that will make them look younger, older, hipper, more wealthy, etc. Many of the approaches to cosmetics or appearance alterations are creams or other topical applications.  Other more radical approaches require forms of cosmetic or plastic surgery. All methods of changing your appearance carry implication and significant responsibility. 

Description:  guidelines on how to write your response.

Write about your thoughts on whether a teenager—who is still undergoing the changes in life leading to maturity—should take on the responsibility and have the right to make decisions for themselves about having plastic surgery, or if parents should be able to decide for them.