Essay assignment: argument essay revision

Taking into consideration the instructor’s review and comments use the worksheet to evaluate the argument essay from Unit 3. 

Instructor’s comment:  “1.The assignment asked you to number your reasons/main points to help illustrate how they should tie directly back to your thesis statement. -2 points for directions.  

2.You have framed this essay as more of an expository (informational) essay rather than an argument. What is your claim? What are the reasons you make this claim?  For your revision, focus on your thesis and clearly state your claim. Include the reasons you make the claim. Structure it as [Claim] because [reason 1], [reason 2], and [reason 3]. Each reason should become the topic sentence for three body paragraphs. Include a concession to the other side of the argument in your conclusion, where you will restate your claim and reasons in a slightly different way than your thesis.”

After do the evaluation using the worksheet you should rewrite the essay and fix the things the instructor asked for. 

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