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In the Bedford Reader, read the Chapter 12 Cause and Effect: Asking Why (399-407) to understand the cause-and-effect pattern of developing an essay.

Read the Dan Ariely essay “Why We Lie,” in which he examines attitudes about lying and the persuasiveness of cheating in society. A copy of Ariely’s essay is attached in the Canvas assignment.

For additional background on the author, watch the 20-minute Dan Ariely video in which he discusses lying and dishonesty in other contexts. Click on the link.


In a 5-7 page research essay that contains at least 3 sources, evaluate Ariely’s cause and effect analysis and state whether or not you agree. In other words, do you agree with Ariely that most college students think cheating is acceptable?

You may also use the video as a source and briefly comment on the video in the introduction.

  • Based on the main points in the video, do you agree Ariely believes that, in general, people are “big cheaters” in organizations?
  • Can leaders change how people in organizations behave?
  • What do you think of the message in the Ariely video? 


  • In 2-3 sentences, introduce Ariely to your readers. Who is he? What does he write about? Use the information about the author in the attached document to answer these questions. You may also choose to do some research on your own to learn more about him.
  • In 2-3 sentences, summarize his main point in the essay “Why we Lie.”
  • In 2-3 sentences, add your opinion on whether or not most students think cheating is acceptable. Why or why not?
  • State your thesis. What are 2-3 main reasons why students (or people in general) lie. State three main causes or three main effects of lying either in school, in business, or in other contexts.

Body Paragraphs

Be sure to answer the following questions in the body of your well-organized paper. Provide details to support your thesis points.  Consider answering the following questions and providing examples from Ariely’s essay to support your comments.

  • How truly does Ariely’s analysis relate to your own experience?
  • Do you find his evidence to be reasonable and persuasive?
  • How well does he convince you of the extent of small-scale cheating? What consequences does he identify? Do you agree?
  • How well do you think he develops his proposed solutions? Does he provide enough examples.  Are his ideas credible? Why or why not?

Refine Your Draft

Format your essay following MLA guidelines in a Microsoft Word document. You will find an example of a MLA formatted essay in your Bedford Reader (671-676). 

Important note: In using information from other sources, be sure to acknowledge any borrowed language in the body of your essay and include a separate Works Cited page that lists the source(s). You should have 1-3 Works Cited entries, including Ariely’s  source essay. 

After writing your first draft, study How to Organize a Cause and Effect Analysis (403-404), and the Checklist for Reviewing and Revising a Cause-and-Effect Essay (406).

Revise your essay following the points in these checklists, and create the final draft.  

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