Elevator pitch | Marketing homework help

 In this assignment, you will draft an elevator pitch to convey your unique value to a potential employer. It should be brief so that the other person becomes interested in learning more. Hence the name “elevator pitch”—a short persuasive speech that you could do while riding in an elevator together. The word choice and sentence structure must reflect your personal brand and flow easily. The draft may need to go through multiple revisions; your feedback and grade will be updated to reflect each draft. Instructions: • Review and transform your traits and skills into three (3) keywords that connect to the job requirements of your desired career field and how you want to portray your personal brand. Consider the following as you work on your keywords. o Your career goal o The key knowledge, skills, abilities, and other relevant information that sets you apart as the best fit for a particular job/career (Refer to your resume for this information.) • For each of your keywords, include relevant details and a very brief example that demonstrates how the keyword applies to you. The example can be from your current work, a prior job, a college course, a volunteer activity, or even a family responsibility. • Draft an elevator pitch that includes the three (3) keywords. • Introduce yourself with your first and last name at the start of the pitch. At the end, thank the other person. You may want to ask the other person a question, such as, “May I send you my resume?” Business cards may be exchanged. Requirements: • Your final speech should be no longer than three paragraphs and should take no more than 30 seconds to deliver. • The tone should be conversational. • Share your draft by submitting it here by uploading a file of your audio recording. Video recording is optional. 

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