Educational community stakeholders | SEC 501

1. Discussion Question 1: 250 words with citation. Due today 11/03/2018. Worth 5 points.


Why is it important to communicate effectively with others?  How will effective communication help you in your academic career?  Provide examples.

2. Discussion Question 2: Due Monday 11/05/2018. Worth 5 points.

Discuss the effect local, state, and federal agencies have had on your college readiness.  Does this path differ for students entering college directly from high school? 

3.  Educational Community Stakeholders PowerPoint. Due Tuesday 11/06/2018. Worth 102 points.

Create a PowerPoint presentation of 12-15 slides, which describes your community’s educational stakeholders (Arizona), and the primary roles of local, state, and federal agencies in public secondary education (High School). Include presenter’s notes, a title slide, and in-text citations within your presentation.

Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

If you can include this article great, but if not that is ok.


“A Nation at Risk” by Good, C. J. from the American Educational History Journal (2010).

This is the same class that you helped me with last week.  I will be posting weekly homework questions for this class.  

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