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Part #1

Compare and contrast three out of the 5 major learning theories described in Bastable. How would you, as an educator, try to increase the motivation using strategies derived from each theory? Which theory most closely matches your beliefs and values?

Chapter 3 

Part #3

The nurse as educator is tasked with designing an educational program for staff at a clinical facility. The chief nursing officer (CNO) informs the nurse as educator that content should focus on evidence-based practice, inclusive of knowledge, skills, and abilities required to meet competencies required by the state practice act and the scope and standards of practice for nurses, as well as those for nurse administrators. The CNO desires objectives for the educational program within one week and a preliminary budget one week after that. 

1. Which type of objective will the nurse as educator write to demonstrate the intended activities and probable costs associated with the program? Provide a justification for your answer

2. What is the best rationale when the nurse, as educator, should write behavioral objectives? 

Chapter 2 and chapter 10

Part #4

The nurse educator wants to develop an educational activity to promote retention of medical terminology for first-year nursing students. Previous students frequently complain that the material is dull, repetitious, and hard to remember, yet the material is required for successful outcomes. The nurse educator is already taking a flipped classroom approach to the material, asking the students to review the textbook and corresponding flashcards prior to entering the classroom so that an active, hands-on activity may occur. 

1. Which teaching method is appropriate for the content? Provide a justification for your answer. 

2. Which are primary concerns when designing educational activities using gaming?

Chapter 11,12

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