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The company Life is Good seeks to encourage others to be philanthropic throughout the year to help their foundation for children. They must do that in a way that does not push away the very customers whom they depend on to finance the foundation. Take a look at this short video clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00PPXilS9wA

 – as you are watching it reflect on the co-founders attitude toward social responsibility.

Now put yourself in the role of Chief Strategist for Life is Good and

(1)explain how you would position social responsibility to further both their social and strategic goals.

Be sure to clearly

(2)define the concept of social responsibility, correlate that to the example(s) you see in this video (you can also take a look at their website for more detail –www.lifeisgood.com) and

focus on your role to identify strategies that allow the company to succeed.

(3) Clearly explain how you would position the company to move forward socially, ethically and financially (the trifecta of success!)

Discussion #2

This week we read of the role of board of directors in large, publicly traded corporations to ensure that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 is implemented in a way that mitigates unethical or illegal behavior.

Look at the retail industry and

identify positive and negative examples of corporate social behavior –

explain how that behavior affected (positively or negatively) that industry and

what can/should be done to mitigate that behavior. As always, please support and justify your answer using APA formatted references.