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  write to two classmates and tell them your insights about their personal brand. When replying to your classmate, follow the “personal branding checklist/rubric” in the syllabus. 


To earn full points for each week’s discussion, you need to meet the following criteria: Post initial and response to a classmate by Sunday 11:59PM (EST). I encourage you to try to post on non-consecutive days so you can take part in the discussion in the beginning and end of the week. This will ensure that you do not miss out on any important information. Check your grammar and spelling before posting. Answer all parts of the discussion board forum questions; refer to each discussion board forum instructions/directions. Meet the discussion board minimum word count for both responses (initial response to the discussion board questions and classmate/peer posting); refer to each discussion board forum instructions/directions. Include references to support your response (initial post and response to  classmate) Add quality comments to help further the discussion by replying not only to my posts but to your classmates’ posts. Avoid “I agree” comments Add new information to the discussion Reference web sites, articles, journals, etc. (Post your source!) Share your experiences as they relate to the topic.