Discrete-time signals and systems hw


    • Read Chapter 9 in the text Signals and Systems Using MATLAB.
    • Download and review the supplement questions.  Also review the supplement questions from lesson 1 which has discrete periodic examples.
    • Work the below 3 homework problems.
    • Submit homework solutions via Assignment Upload Tool.  Show all work for full credit.




1. Compute the unit-pulse response h[n] for n=0, 1, 2 for the discrete time system


2. Determine is each of the following signals is periodic.  If a signal is periodic, what is its period?


    • x[n] = 3sin(100n)
    • x[n] = 4cos(1.5πn)


    3. For the discrete signals defined as the following:


    x[0] = 4, x[1] = 1, x[3] = -1, x[n] = 0 for all other integers n.


    v[0] = 1, v[1] = -2, v[2] = 3, v[3] = -4, v[n] = 0 for all other integers n.


    Compute the convolution x[n]*v[n] for n ≥ 0.




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