Debate *read carefully* | Psychology homework help

Assessment Instructions



Choose a position and then prepare to support it, using the Debate Preparation and Summary Worksheet, as if you were going to participate in a debate.

In the worksheet, present your position and arguments for the debate topic, counterarguments to your position and arguments, and rebuttals to those counterarguments. The worksheet will finish with a conclusion on the strength of your position. Before submitting the worksheet, be sure to review the assessment scoring guide to ensure that you meet all criteria, including the following:

  • Your position.
  • At least three well-developed arguments.
  • Evidence to support your arguments (that is, data and research), including how the evidence supports the arguments.
  • Counterarguments to your points.
  • Rebuttals to the counterarguments that oppose your arguments.
  • Evidence to support your rebuttals (data and research), including how the evidence supports the rebuttals. 
  • A conclusion that asserts why your position is strong.
  • In-text citations and references for all sources of information.

Submission Requirements

Submit the completed worksheet as your deliverable for the assessment.

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