Data analysis project | Economics homework help


For this project you will demonstrate competency in researching economics; that is, creatively designing a research question, locating pertinent and credible data to support an answer, and presenting results in a professional and articulate manner. Furthermore, you will also be applying fundamental statistical concepts to your data sets to more quantitively answer your research questions. Follow these steps to complete the project:

1. Using the data covered in the Health, Education, and Crime slides, generate six research questions to study (e.g. “Have thyroid cancer rates have increased since 2000?”, “What is the educational attainment across races in California?”). You are to create two research questions from Health, two from Education, and two from Crime. You are to use a different data source for each research question (e.g. CDC, FBI, NAEP, etc.) in the overall project. Raw data in excel form is necessary for this project (google “data source, subject, Excel” for fastest results).  All research question must utilize a minimum of 30 data points (n>=30). 

2. Excel File: For each research question create an Excel sheet with your data set, one graph and the statistical metrics listed below. For the overall project you are to use each of the statistical concepts at least once and construct at least three different types of graphs. All statistical metrics are to be calculated in Excel using the functions reviewed in class. 

ü Mean (weighted, arithmetic, or geometric)

ü Median

ü Sample Variance

ü Standard Deviation

ü Coefficient of Variation

ü Range

ü 90th Percentile

ü Quintiles

ü Skewness

ü Z-score for data points

ü Discrete probability distribution histogram 

3. PowerPoint Presentation: For each question, create a PowerPoint slide containing one graph, your statistical metrics, up to three bullet points (optional), and hyperlinks to your data source website (make sure the links work). The PowerPoint should also contain an introduction slide (e.g. name, project #, and class). 

4. Submission: Upload the Excel and PowerPoint file into the link provided in Blackboard by the due date  (no e-mailed copies). 

5. Grading: Project grade is weighted 50/50 for Excel/PowerPoint; however, both must be submitted to receive a score. Excel graphs must be derived from the data input in Excel.  The PowerPoint is graded subjectively as a presentation to your fellow classmates so cosmetics, spelling, character size, color, creativity all matter. 

6. Academic Integrity: Do not copy graphs from websites nor replicate another student’s work. 

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