Consider a student club or organization in which you are a member

1. Consider a student club or organization in which you are a member. What are the data entities of this enterprise? List and define each entity. Then, develop an enterprise data model showing these entities and important relationships between them.


You have been tasked to create a database for your college to track students, their courses (past, present, and future), grades and academic standing, and instructors. 

Describe the entities and their attributes that might be required for this application, the type of database processing required, and the application software needed. 

Consider all users of the application and how the issues of data integrity, security, and user interfaces would best be handled.

3. Part I – Number Conversions

Pick the amount from one of the checks in your checkbook.
1) Convert the decimal number into a binary number with three places to the right of the binary point.
2) Convert the binary number into a hexadecimal number.

3) Convert the binary number to a floating-point number using the IEEE -754 Floating-Point Standard 

Part II – Adding Binary Numbers 

Select two decimal numbers between -60 and +60. One should be positive and the other should be negative. 

Convert the numbers into 8-bit unsigned numbers with negative numbers in the 2’s complement form. (Remember that positive numbers have the leftmost bit =0 and negative numbers have the leftmost bit =1).
Add the two numbers together to generate an eight-bit binary result. Show your work.

Part III

If a computer is capable only of manipulating and storing integers, what difficulties present themselves? How are these difficulties overcome

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