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Many businesses harness the power of their customers (and potential customers) by using the Internet to take advantage of a new technique known as crowdsourcing. Use the Internet to research crowdsourcing. Find an article that describes how a company uses crowdsourcing to assist with its business. Write a short paper discussing the term crowdsourcing. Give an overview of the article. Explain how a company could get started with crowdsourcing.

Suggested Websites (you may use any site you wish that involves this topic)

Site 1 (Links to an external site.)
There is also information on crowdsourcing in your Tech in Action textbook.

Please note that your postings must meet college level writing. Make sure that your homework does not have spelling errors, incomplete sentences, and use of proper capitalization on names.

To receive full credit you must submit at least 150 words elaborating on the instructions above. 

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