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Read the business running case “Investing in a New BrewPub?” and review the Tutorial : Business Simulation“Strategies and Decision Support in Organizations”. To understand how the microbrewery industry works, read the case Hockley Valley Brewing Co. Inc.”

Discuss one or several of the following questions:

  • What implications can be drawn for the launch of a microbrewery service?
  • Evaluate the proposed new draft beer products (business running case, attachment 1) and discuss important factors to be considered in the process of selection of the successful combination of existing (offered by other breweries) and the new (in-house made) products.
  • At what price should the new products be sold? Why?
  • Evaluate the placement alternatives (in-house and through local wholesalers), including the sales needed to break even for the new microbrewery.
  • What distribution strategy do you recommend for the new microbrewery unit?
  • Design a promotion strategy for the new draft beers. Include how the restaurant owner should advertise and what message she/he should convey.
  • In preparation for your Assignment 3, explain your initial plan for selection and application of decision support tools and methods.