Case study analysis”w4 stoneworth paving company”

**please include introduction as well as conclusion for each…and answer the following questions***

Two short case studies – cover both.

Hint: research unfamiliar terms on the Internet.


W4 Stoneworth Paving Company

Stoneworth Paving Company specializes in highway paving jobs for the State of Virginia. When the state 

first awarded Stoneworth the contract, it stipulated a 1% penalty for each week Stoneworth was late on a 

completion date. Preston Flintrock, the project coordinator for Stoneworth, began to notice that the last 

two jobs were three weeks late, and the paving job that was due to be completed in the next two weeks 

was behind schedule. When Preston went in the field to investigate, he found the job to be understaffed, 

supplier delays, and a high work rejection rate of the repaving needed. As a result, Preston decided to 

establish a better system of project control and present it to his boss.


1. If you were Preston, what characteristics would you look for in a new control system?

2. Will a new control system be adequate for the problem? Explain.

Justify your answers by referring to the case study and other online (only) sources.W4 Happy Customers

J. Z. Smith is a small consulting firm specializing in implementing new information systems installation

projects for service agencies. J. Z. Smith has a standard project action plan for the implementation 

projects it works on. J. Z. Smith is very confident in the project plan it uses; all steps are included and the 

costs are estimated well.

The project teams are very entrepreneurial and have great relationships with their small client base. The 

company works with their clients informally following the standard action plan. It provides weekly progress 

reports for the client and for Jeremy Smith, the president of J. Z. Smith. 

Jeremy has noticed that the project teams have problems in meeting budgets and deadlines. He thinks 

his teams allow their clients to add steps to the projects. 

A current client, the local welfare department has asked J. Z. Smith, to help it implement a newly 

purchased Dead-Beat-Parent tracking system. Jeremy is nervous and wants to be sure that his company 

meets the specifications of this new project. 

He is not sure if the standard action plan needs changing or if there is something else he should do.


1. What do you suggest Jeremy Smith do? 

Justify your answers by referring to the case study and other online (only) sources

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