Case analysis. need in 18h


Exam 1: Case Study Analysis

You have been assigned an Ivey Cases that involve some element of human resources issues.  Questions for which you need to incorporate the answers into your overall analysis are located in a Google Document – 


Prepare a written analysis that includes the following components:

The Report Format

1. Executive Summary

2. Report Main Body

· Statement of the Problem & Solution

· Brief History of the Case/Issues

· Industry Analysis (if applicable)

· Company Analysis

· List of Critical Factors

· Definition of Alternatives (if applicable)

· Implementation / Next Steps

· Conclusion

· Additional Comments

· References

· Appendices (tables and exhibits as appropriate)

Analysis should be 5-7 pages full pages (double-spaced, once inch margins, 11 pint type). 

Submit a .pdf version of your written analysis in Canvas

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