Can animals be gay | Sociology homework help

 When physical and social scientists try to understand humans, they often compare what our species does against other species.  They also try to explain what causes these similarities and differences with theories.  As all scientists are humans, however, they bring their own cultural lens(es) to their work even if they try to be objective not subjective.  After you finish reading the article “Can Animals be Gay?” answer the following questions in your post (please number your responses as usual):

  1. What answer does the author give to the article’s title’s question and what evidence does he provide to substantiate his answer? [Hint: it’s probably a little more complicated than you think.] Accuracy
  2. What does “heterosexist bias” mean and how does the article show that this bias has affected the scientific study of animals’ sexual practices? Accuracy
  3.  One of the huge controversies over homosexuality in the United States (and elsewhere) is whether or not “it” results from nature (being born that way) or culture (learning “it”). Explain how reading this article affects your perspective on this nature/nurture debate.  Has it shifted your perspective or not and why? Thoughtfulness

Evaluation Criteria:  Completion,  Accuracy, Thoughtfulness

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