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Using the information provided in the text in Chapter 12 and 13, you should create and submit a mechanically and grammatically flawless business proposal.  Your proposal should seek to create significant organizational change or tackle a difficult problem or issue.

Examples include policy changes; benefits changes; reorganization of a department; workplace problems such as cell phone use, parking, flexible hours, dress code, etc. You can also use an issue within the University such as parking, dining hall, athletics, financial aid, etc.  Reach out to me this week via email if you are having problems coming up with a topic.

The proposal should: Be no less than three single-spaced pages, not including the cover page.  Have a professional style and presentation. (You may use an established template in Word; if you do not use a template, please make sure that your headings, fonts, margins, headers, etc. are consistent.  Professional presentation and style in this report is very important.) Use some external sourcing, but be sure to use proper citations. (APA style recommended, but MLA and Chicago Manual of Style are acceptable also.  Just be consistent. Consult Purdue OWL if you have questions about this: (Links to an external site.)) Include the following components:
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Cover Page (1 page) Executive Summary (1/2 page) Current Situation (1/2 – 1 page) Specific Objectives(  ½-1 page) Deliverables Overview (1/4 page) Timeline (1/2 page) Pricing/Budget (1/2 page)