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 You can choose from one of the two options: the individual creation of a PowerPoint Presentation or an Infographic and examine the organisation’s current competitive environment as well as the current marketing mix. 

 Based upon the organisation selected, the infographic/PowerPoint slides will include: • An introduction to the organisation – background history, markets etc. • An analysis and audit of the organisation’s current market and competitive environment – via key tools such as SWOT/TOWS analysis, PESTEL analysis and Porters Five Forces. • An analysis of the organisation’s current Marketing Mix via the Marketing Mix Framework (4Ps/7Ps). It is suggested that a minimum of five PowerPoint slides will be needed to meet the requirements of part 1 of the assignment. Alternatively, the equivalent amount of content can be submitted as an infographic. 

The organisation selection should be between small-sized and medium-sized businesses. Small sized are considered to have less than 100 employees and revenue of less than $5M per year. Medium sized business is considered to have less than 300 employees and year revenue less than $25M. 

Could you choose a company that can meet the assignment requirements in detail, and complete all of the requirements for the assignment. 

I have uploaded all the requirements, examples and grading sheet to help you understand the context of the assignment better. 

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