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Policy Context 





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    o Chapter 9, “The Social Policy Context of Practice” (pp. 97-108)
  • Libal, K., Mapp, S. C., Ihrig, E., & Ron, A. (2011). The United Nations convention on the rights of the child: Children can wait no longer for their rights. Social Work, 56(4), 367–370.
  • Laureate Education. (Producer). (2013). Policy context[Audio file]. Retrieved from
    Note: The approximate length of this media piece is1 minute.



Week 5 Blog

• An explanation of the policy context in your fieldeducation experience 

Be sure to support your blog posts with specific references to this week’s resources and provide full APA citations for your references. For more information about posting your blog assignment, click on the Field Education Blogs link on the course navigation menu. 

Please note that I am doing my field Education at Walton County Division of Family and Children Services. In Georgia 

some of the things I do 

1 completing intake for benefits medicaid/ Food stamps 

2. Foster parent recruitment 

 This is a MSW level 

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