Assignment #4: research the ways universities present themselves


Need 3 Pages. No Plagiarism. Washing State University is must. 

Your task is to conduct research on the ways that universities presents themselves as it relates to diversity and equity.  Examining websites, brochures, and other materials of at least 5 different universities and colleges (including WSU), answer the following questions

1. What percentage of the images are of students of color?  How does that compare to the numbers of faculty and staff of color (look at data)?

2. What percentage of the images are of faculty and staff of color? How does that compare to the numbers of faculty and staff of color (when available, you should look at data on the university website)?

3. How is the university represented in terms of diversity, equity, and justice?  What sorts of programs, resources, and information are highlighted; what is not included? What are the messages provided regarded diversity and equity?

4. How does the image and message provided by the university compare with news reports, social media, and other forms of commentary regarding diversity at the university?

5. How do your findings fit within larger body of research?

Your task is to present both qualitative and quantitative information regarding each university in a systematic way.

Grading breakdown is as follows:

15 points – Answering of each question for at minimum 5 universities/colleges (3 points for each)

2 point – Overall Effort

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