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Spring 2021 BUS 498

 A link to upload will be available in Module 12. Use the class time on April 12 and 14 to work on this assignment. There is no in-person or synchronous class on April 12 or 14. 


Last case in your case packet

Irene Rosenfeld at Mondelez International:   Crafting a Corporate Strategy

As part of this report, you will answer the specific questions listed below by drawing on the above case. There is no additional outside research required. Answer strictly based on the information in the case and by drawing on the chapter concepts.  

Corporate-level strategy: Chapter 8 (Total 1 single-line spacing page) [This will be your first page.]

Q1: What insights can you provide about the company’s corporate-level strategy by drawing on chapter 8?

Corporate-level strategy: Chapter 10 (Total 1 single-line spacing page) [Begin this on page two.]

Q2: What insights can you provide about the company’s corporate-level strategy by drawing on chapter 10?






Corporate-level strategy: Chapter   8




Corporate-level strategy: Chapter   10




Not   following the additional guidelines (General)




Following   the additional guidelines (General)





For items 1 and 2 above, you will receive a score of 0-100 based on the grading criteria mentioned below.

91-100: The report fully, logically, and creatively addresses the question and demonstrates superior understanding of the course concepts and relevant data. The report is comprehensive, demonstrates critical thinking, and provides appropriate quantitative and qualitative evidence. Overall, there is a high value addition. 

81-90: The report addresses the question with minor gaps. Course concepts and relevant data were incorporated into the report but did not demonstrate mastery. Some evidence of critical thinking. May have some interesting insights. 

61-80: The report did not contain substantive content or failed to fully address the question. The report has limited connection to course concepts and inadequate use of relevant data. Does not provide adequate evidence and does not demonstrate critical thinking. Limited value addition. There is substantial scope for improvement.

0-60: Exceptionally poor work can result in a score in this range. 

Additional guidelines (General): Total Page length: A maximum of 2 pages (single-line spacing, Times New Roman, 11-point font, and 1-inch margins) and unlimited exhibits (tables, charts, figures, and diagrams that will enhance your report). While there is no upper limit on the number of exhibits, I would like to see at least three original, insightful, and unique exhibits that only your group is likely to have. Avoid the temptation to include exhibits that can be cut and pasted easily but add minimal value. If you are running out of space, you may lower the margins to 0.5 inch and lower the font of the blank line. But do not exceed the text page limit. Alternatively, you may shorten your paper by eliminating some of the redundant information and making better use of the exhibit space. There is no need of a title page – just start with your answer to Q1. Exhibits are in addition to the 2-page text. Exhibits or tables should not be inserted within the 2-page text. Use appropriate titles in bold but do not overdo the titles. Please identify your work concisely in one line at the top by simply listing the names of your teammates in alphabetical order by last name. For example: Jane Doe, John Doe, Frances Lee, Javier Rodrigues, and Manish Thakkar. Save your WORD file using the same name: Jane Doe, John Doe, Frances Lee, Javier Rodrigues, and Manish Thakkar.

Additional guidelines (References and in-text citations): As mentioned earlier, no outside research is required. There is no need to cite your text or the actual case. Soliciting solution or help from unauthorized sources and online websites is considered cheating. 

Tip based on prior experience: Groups that do not do well fail to draw on the course materials, do not provide details/specifics/factual evidence/numerical support, have little integration across items in the report, do not critically examine each other’s work, and fail to use all the resources at Mason (e.g., Research Librarian, Writing Center, etc.).