ask the user for a number between 2 and 1000. calculate the integer

Ask the user for a number between 2 and 1000. Calculate the integer square root by calculating the square of every number from 1 until the square of the number is more than the number entered. The previous number is the integer square root. For example, if the user enters 15, your program would calculate:

1×1 = 1, 2×2 = 4, 3×3 = 9, 4×4 = 16
Since 16 is too high, the integer square root of 15 is 3. YOU MUST write a function called

intSqrRoot which calculates the answer and returns it to main; call it as follows:

               answer = intSqrRoot(num);
               cout << "The integer square root of ";
               cout << num << " is " << answer << endl;

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