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I have an assignment for Management theory and practice.


-All you need is to watch the video and answer 3 questions about the video in one written page.

-Also, I attached the chapter related to the lesson if you need to get through something you need.

– Make sure to have the assignment on time.

– The time zone here is the central time zone “Dallas” USA, which is 5 hours remaining until the due time.

I need it today at 3:00PM Texas time.



The video link:



The questions are:


1- What type of team did Nikki Brush participate in when she was a freelancer?What type of team does she participate in as a full-time employee at Holden?


2- What are the advantages and disadvantages of using teams at Holden? What can managers do to help avoid the disadvantages?


3- What steps do the leaders of Holden take to insure that their workgroups have high levels of cohesion?


Thank you,,

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