Annual operating review | Management homework help

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  • The first chart that you will see when Q4 results are returned is the “Winning Chart.” This is your comparative performance relative to Redex and Matek on the attributes identified at the beginning of your leading the business.  The sample was found in “How to Win” in “Help.”  This is the chart you were all waiting for.  Any surprises? If you were following your competitors’ results in the “Business Intelligence Dashboard” found in the “Quarterly Dashboard”, hopefully there were no major surprise. After all leading and managing a business is about always knowing where you are relative to plan and competition.
  • After you have reviewed the “Winning Chart” you will need to complete the Annual Operating Review (AOR) found in the “Executive Summary” tab of “Quarterly Decisions.” This is similar but not identical to the questions in the QBRs. This activity should be answered based on the learnings from the year just played, as well as forward looking questions over the next 2 to 3 years. You should review all new emails, the “Business Intelligence Dashboard” found in the “Quarterly Dashboard.” The “Business Intelligence Dashboard” contains significant data analytics in comparison to your competitors.
  • The “Variance to SRO” within the “Quarterly Decisions” is essential to analyze for your variances to plan. You will need this insight to complete your “Executive Summary.”
  • When you have completed the AOR in the “Executive Summary”, check the box and submit at the lower right. This AOR will be saved in the “Executive Summary” and you will be re-directed to the post-test. Once you complete the post-test, you will be taken to the instructions for completing the Annual Report.

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