Albert king and eric clapton

Assignment: This is a two part paper.

First, research Albert King and discuss why he is such an important figure in American popular music. You may include examples of some of the guitarists  he influenced, the record companies he was involved with, and other biographical information.

Second, considering that much of modern hip hop music uses sampling as a compositional tool, what are your thoughts on the lifting of Albert King’s solo by Eric Clapton, and the sampling of material by modern artists such as Kanye West of other artists work. If the original artist does not get recognition in the way of royalties, is this legal as far as copyright infringement, and do you believe that it is ethically right to use another’s property for financial gain? You can include examples of songs that have been either leagally or illeagally copied by music artists.

Your paper should be at least two to three pages double spaced. Site your sources on a seperate page at the end of the paper.

  After you have type your paper upload your document by clicking on the button that says Submit Assignment.

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