Aet 562 week 4 personal learning network

PLN Social Media Matrix

Your Personal Learning Network (PLN) is just that: a personal selection of resources that will directly benefit your professional development. Complete the matrix by listing 10 social media accounts to follow—such as those on Twitter®, Facebook®, Pinterest®, or LinkedIn®—as well as blogs, topic-specific communities, and so forth. Include the name of the site, the authors, a description of the site, and the benefit of this site to your PLN.  

Social Media Account Name



Benefit of this Account to Your PLN

Answer the following questions based on your research and the matrix. Include a reference page consistent with APA guidelines.

1. What is a PLN? Why is the careful selection of resources important to establishing your PLN? 

2. What role do Twitter® and LinkedIn® play as social media tools? How can these channels benefit your professional development? 

3. Can a PLN take the place of formal classroom training? Explain your response.

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